Wednesday’s Project 2 Show and Tell

Here’s what I’m hoping to see on Wednesday, when you present your show and tell…

A draft of your target specifications, including:

1. an updated list of client and user needs (see Exhibit 5-2, p. 73, U&E)
2. a numbered list of metrics (see Exhibit 5-4, p. 76, U&E)

3. some discussion of the systems (the existing system and some other system) you have chosen to benchmark

You will perhaps not have gotten much farther than this, at this point, but it would also be great to see:

4. at least the beginnings of a competitive benchmarking chart based on metrics (Exhibit 5-6, pp. 80-81, U&E), with target specifications (marginal and ideal values) added on the right-hand-side of the chart (Exhibit 5-8 on p. 84, U&E)

Joel G.


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