Project 3 Paper

How many concept descriptions do we need to include in the paper (for every single concept we developed or just for the final few concepts)? How much information for each of the descriptions are you looking for?


2 Responses to Project 3 Paper

  1. Joel says:

    1. Every concept included in the report should be accompanied by a description.

    2. “A product concept is an approximate description of the technology, working principles, and form of the product. It is a concise description of how the product will satisfy the customer needs. A concept is usually expressed as a sketch or as a rough three-dimensional model and is often accompanied by a brief textual description.” p. 98, U&E.

  2. rachael23 says:

    We have 6-7 concepts for each our 3 subproblems, for a total 21 concepts that are included in our matrices. By our second iteration, we narrowed down our concepts to a total of 9. Is it possible that we can do descriptions for just those 9 concepts?

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